Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Retirement - Is it in YOUR future?

Everyone knows the saying "time flies", but I don't think anyone fully understands the irony of the saying until they reach age 50 and beyond.  Why 50?  For most Americans in this day and age, 50 marks the new half-way point in our lives from a longevity viewpoint.  The expected lifespan of a healthy individual is now 85+, however, the average expected retirement age is still 65.  Granted, this was before the 2008-2009 belly-flop of the stock market and global economy.  But consider the traditional working years from age 25 to 50 an uphill climb assuming steadily increasing earnings which comprise a duration of 25 years.  Also assume that a traditional savings plan of some type (401K, 403B, IRA, etc.) is employed during those years amassing a retirement account of about $150,000.00, AFTER the stock market melt-down.  Now at 50 years old, assuming a traditional retirement age of 65, an individual has 15 more years of earning and saving to grow the retirement account (in the current low interest rate, volatile stock market environment) to a level capable of sustaining them another 25 years...with only "Social Security" to add to their income.  It brings to mind another saying, "when pig's fly"!

Medicare Basics - The ABC's and D of Medicare

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With changes to Medicare looming large in the future, people turning 65 have many questions and are looking for answers and straightforward guidance in everyday language they understand.  Most would like to have the basics boiled down and presented to them succinctly.

I hear you!  That's exactly what I would want, so I've produced two simple, but informative Medicare video presentations that are about 25 minutes each, designed to provide basic but critical information every baby boomer needs to know before taking action with Medicare.

I invite you to watch them on my website at: